Telluride Venture Accelerator has inhabited the upstairs space and the people here are doing exicting and inovating work. The space that used to have a lively past has been transfromed into an engaging and active co-working space. They have created a shared work space for people within the Telluride community as well as people looking for a place to work while in town, who are running their own business or who are freelancing and/or want to be connected with other people. Another purpose of the space is to provide a community event space. TVA wants Telluride Works to be a place where ideas are shared, people come together and create and innovate. Telluride Works offers is a place where to make connections with like-minded people. Ashley Nager Program Manager says, “ There is something when you get a lot of people together that you can share resources or jobs”.  The space offers 19 rental desks and fiber internet (one of the fastest internet connections in town) coffee, two rentable conference rooms, two sound proof phone booths and is just a quick walk to Wood Ear restaurant just right the stairs.